Baby Abc Toddler App

Baby ABC App

Get the best alphabet education for your toddler with the Baby ABC app!

Go through each letter and case in the alphabet with your child! Enjoy great illustrations and clear spoken text!

Most baby alphabet apps don’t include uppercase, lowercase, or both cases in the app. The Baby ABC app does! Simply open it up, select the casem, and this app shows the letter in the case you chose in clear (not babyish) text, a pleasant voice reads the name of the letter out loud, and a ROYGBIV coloring sequence follows each letter. Download the Baby ABC’s app on the Google Play Store or Amazon App Store now!

Google Play Store

Baby ABC Toddler App – Free!

Baby ABC Toddler App – 99 cents

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Baby ABC Toddler App – Free!

Baby ABC Toddler App – 99 cents

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Here’s how it works!

  • Swipe from side to side OR touch next/previous buttons
  • When you change the picture, a calm, positive voice says the name
  • Your child also sees the name in clean, clear text, which accelerates reading ability
  • Press the “ear” button to hear the sound again! Repetition is key to early development.

What people are saying:

“Just what I was looking for! Added the cases and everything”

“I want my son to learn the alphabet cases and this does it”

“Looks great, runs smooth”

“Very good letters and voice”