Learning Baby

Learning Baby App (All apps in one!)

Get the best education for your toddler with the Learning Baby app!

Learn about cars and trucks, airplanes and boats, the ABC’s, foods, numbers, colors, and more in the Learning Baby app!

You’ll get:
– Baby ABCs (with both uppercase, lowercase, and both cases side by side as options)
– Cars and Trucks, includes awesome & real sound effects for each mode of transportation!
– ABC Foods to teach your child about the alphabet AND food at the same time
– Airplanes & Boats, with real life sound effects for each vehicle!
– Colors, all the colors of the rainbow for kids
– Shapes, to get a head start on conceptual geometry for kids
– Number Monsters, the easy and fun counting game
– Feelings, to help little ones explore their emotions and communicate them better

Help expand your child’s world with real pictures (real images have been shown to be more effective in early development than illustrations) as well as real sound effects for each image!

Download the Learning Baby app on the Google Play Store or Amazon App Store now!

Google Play Store

Learning Baby Toddler App – Free!

Learning Baby Toddler App – 99 cents

Amazon App Store

Learning Baby Toddler App – Free!

Learning Baby Toddler App – 99 cents

Preview the Learning Baby app-


Here’s how it works!

  • Swipe from side to side OR touch next/previous buttons
  • When you change the picture, a calm, positive voice says the name
  • Your child also sees the name in clean, clear text, which accelerates reading ability
  • Press the “ear” button to hear the sound again! Repetition is key to early development.

What people are saying:

“A great app for the kids”

“He likes the cars and boats”

“Much easier than a lot of other kid apps”

“Perfect for car rides and when they need some quiet time”