COPPA/Privacy Policy

Privacy is incredibly important to me, the creator of the app you’ve either downloaded or are thinking of downloading, and I’m sure privacy’s incredibly important to you, too.

That’s why I don’t expose you, my user and friend, to shady practices and needless information snooping.

In addition, since some apps I’ve made are for my kids (and yours, too) I am declaring my COPPA compliancy here.

COPPA Compliancy and Privacy Policy

While the Learning Baby suite of apps are most often used by children under 13, they do not collect any personal information and don’t target individual users. In no place, and at no time, do I ask for anyone’s name, email, address, or the like. Zilch.

The apps do not include sign in, no cookies or other user tracking information are used, and I don’t share any information related to downloads or usage with anyone.

The free version of each app in the Learning Baby suite includes Amazon or AdMob ads, as well as Google Analytics. However, no personally identifiable information is collected that I’m aware of, and the Analytics data is only used for me to find the types of devices I need to support, languages I need to add (based on very rough location information) and how often the apps crash so I can improve them.

The paid versions do not include any ads or tracking. Again, neither app version (paid or free) asks for personal information, and neither the ad or analytical services I use share any personal user information with third parties (that they’ve told me).

General Privacy Policy

This website, like thousands and thousands of other apps and millions of websites, use Google Analytics to find information to make the services better for you. Things like:

  • How long you use the service and how often it crashes
  • What types of devices are most often used, so I can improve the features
  • Where your rough location is, so I can know to translate the app into new languages
  • Some more boring stats like which screens are viewed the most, etc.

No personally identifiable information is collected. This means 0 email or physical addresses, account usernames or passwords, or personal info are collected.

I thank you for trusting my services. I only want to make you happy, and protecting your information is one way I can do it :]